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Presenting CONVERGE from Label Jewellyn Alvares

Ready-to-Wear Menswear line

The Collection

Label Jewellyn Alvares launches CONVERGE, a Read-to-Wear Menswear range of trousers, shirts and outerwear for casual and dress occasions. The collection is inspired by a poem called I Love a Lonely Winding Road, by Alora M. Knight, which talks about mysterious roads that lead to surprises around each bend; the landscapes and the hills and how each frame that the poet sees tells a different story. In the poem, the contrast of the roads that led up to a summit, winding themselves around hills that were dense with lush forests and the mystery of wildlife that roamed in the deep when darkness fell. This evoked a vacation in the hills, and was the inspiration to translate that divine beauty to a line; to take the contrasting ideas of curves, jagged bends, blurry silhouettes and rustic aromas that engulfed the trail, but this time it was not the usual women’s-wear, but Menswear.


CONVERGE by Jewellyn Alvares takes the undulating hills and the mysteries that surround it to define it with clothing. This is interpreted in defining the clothes in elegance, underlined in detailing, panelling and fluid lines, bringing in stylistic versatility. Tying up the traditional fabric of Khadi in a fresh contemporary approach, Jewellyn has creating drama with movement, revealing designs through layers utilising innovative use of textile, and fabric detailing through spirals and asymmetric layers. Comfort is key and silhouettes are created by layering and streamlining the human figure.


The line has three directions rolled into cohesion with Tunics, Pants, Shirts, Jackets and coats. Working with indigenous fabrics in different textures, count and weights, the uncertainty of the way the patterns form in traditional handloom material render the clothes one-of-a-kind as no repeat will ever be the same, except in its form. Blur stripe formations are used to converge, slope and align, divulging patterns, volume, swirls and some structure as well.


Jewellyn has applied his decade long experience in creative pattern-making from his customised women’s wear and bridal designs, to now his Label Jewellyn Alvares range of Menswear launched at the Lakme Fashion Week 2018, Mumbai.

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The Inspiration Poem

I Love A Lonely Winding Road

© Alora M. Knight

Published: November 2014

With permission from Ms. Alora M. Knight. (b.1920)


Ms. Alora M. Knight has kindly consented to let us use her poem. In her words, “I feel so fortunate, at 97, to still be able to contribute and know that someone can make use of what I write. I always hope to amuse, comfort and inspire.”

I Love A Lonely Winding Road

I love a lonely winding road

That takes me where I cannot see

Until each softly rounded hill

Reveals its landscaped mystery.

Where nature's stage creates the plot,

What ever the scene may be.


I love the crocus call in spring,

The first to wake from winter's sleep.

Translucent bits of ivory joy,

So patient under snow banks deep,

'Til they can lift each star like face

And proudly nature's rhythm keep.


I love the fiery autumn hues,

Too harsh to bear in gentle spring

But welcomed by the strident wind

That makes the mighty pine tree sing,

Freeing the crimson leaves that dance

Like bright birds, high on wing.


I love the wonders of this world,

The secrets nature guards so well

From those who have no time to spend,

Who will not lift the ocean's shell

And listen to the murmured tale

That each one has to tell.

Jewellyn Alvares

A Read-to-Wear Menswear range